About Us

We have been studying, manufacturing, and selling solutions
for the optical market for more than 20 years

We have been developing, producing and trading solutions for the optical industry for over 20 years. Through the constant dialogue with our customers, we can offer a wide range of innovative products and services in the field of anti-theft solutions, RFId rapid inventory, price tags, lens cleaning products and many other optical accessories.

Our Story

Llexan Italia

The story of Llexan  Italia started in 2004, when Vittorino Tranquillin began a collaboration with the world's largest anti-theft company of the period, a result of a long experience in the commercial management of Sensormatic/Tyco. After a few years, the focus turned to the optical sector, adding the production and sale of anti-theft and price tags throughout Italy to independent opticians, large groups and chains.

Design and creation of cases

In 2009, we introduced the possibility of designing and creating soft glasses cases for the world market through a partnership with local artisans, along with the introduction of imported hard cases. The main aim has always been to meet the needs of opticians

RFID: rapid inventory system

In 2011, we developed and implemented a rapid inventory system using RFID technology to simplify the work of opticians with the store management.

100% Italian frames and sunglasses

Given the success of the Made in Italy cases, in 2013 we launched the MIA brand through the acquisition of an Italian company specialized in the production of such products located in central Italy. This choice has been made to fulfill the interests of our customers and to increase the product base gradually but steadily. Through the acquisition of machinery and know-how that would allow us to directly carry out customizations on our product range, we began the process of independence from subcontractors. In this way, we have greater control on the production and thus we guarantee the quality of the final product offered. A few years later, we launched a new project on the world market: the 100% Italian eyewear line "MIA EYEWEAR", made by skilled artisans working in the eyewear district.

Cleaning and No Fog Spray

As research and development are one of our main pillars, we introduced the first truly effective cleaning and anti-fog spray in 2018.

Frames and sunglasses 100% customizable

Despite these difficult last years, new projects have taken shape: the most significant is Eyewear4You, a project of acetate frames and sunglasses, 100% customizable by the optician, entirely handcrafted in our studio. Customers can choose the model, the colour combination, the finish (glossy or matte) and the colour of the lens. Each pair of glasses can then be co-branded.

Our Services

Thanks to a specialized staff and a fast-flexible organization, we support the customers from the moment they express their necessity, through the design and implementation of the solution, to after-sales service. To speed up the process of graphic acceptance and offer additional services to the client, we have an in-house graphics department available. Our offices are always at your service to foster long-term relationships and help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Do not hesitate to challenge us, we are confident that we can find effective solutions together!